One step at the time

End of October. The days are rainy, and the sky is grey. People's moods are also grey. I have a feeling that these days everyone around me is stressed, frustrated, tired and demotivated. 


All weekend I spent thinking about it. It would be very easy to blame the weather. We also heard about the autumn depression. But I don't believe autumn or depression has much to do here. 


Yes, indeed, summer is over. Everyone already misses the sun and long chilly evenings. Work is getting busier and busier, so people are getting more tired. It's still a long way for Christmas lights. But if this is the only reason for a bad mood, then it's easily solvable, right?


All these "bad weather vibes" go in line with something else - it's people's willingness for something more all the time. More money, more trips, more challenges, more fun, more rest, more sun, more followers, more clothes, more friends, more more more...


We live in a world of social media where we constantly see the life of others, and we can easily decide that they live better than us. We have access to tons of information and news, learn many new things, and build new expectations for ourselves every day.


But we are still just a human and not robots. The world is super dynamic, and everything changes every moment. However, it's impossible to be in line with all the changes. But people try. And they want more.


Let me give you an example of a young professional. He wants a meaningful job and fast career growth. For this, he needs to work hard and go the extra mile. Working hard doesn't make him happy, so he wants more work/life balance. When he gets work/life balance, he suddenly understands that it's getting boring and he needs more challenges. But he will dream about higher pay if he has more challenges. 


It's simply never enough. 


Does it resonate with you? I leave this question here. You don't need to answer me. 


Definitely, this situation is giving people anxiety, frustration and overwhelmedness. And this is what actually can bring you to depression or other mental health issues. 


How to control this situation:


  1. Stop comparing yourself with others. Someone will always live better than you, but your life shouldn't be measured like this. Only you know your story, and it's unique. Look how far you already went, and be proud of yourself. 

  2. Limit the time on social media and reading news. You can be updated with the latest world events or check your friends' information. However, unlimited scrolling is not bringing you anywhere. By the way, did you know that endless scrolling is a sign of mental health issues?

  3. Get a direction and stick to it. If you have a value-based goal - stick to it. It will help you to keep consistency and avoid doubts and emotions-based decisions. 

  4. Be as much mindfulness as you can. Mindfulness is about being present and enjoying the moment. It's one of the most powerful ways to fight anxiety and frustration.


But the most important - follow your needs. No other advice will help you if you ignore your own needs. Listen to your body - what do you need right now?