About me


Hi, my name is Edita and I am so glad you are here!


I believe that we can be happy only when we are healthy, we know our needs and desires, we understand our bodies, but more important – we understand our emotions and feelings with all positive and negative aspects of it.


The problem is that not everyone is capable of finding out their needs, not everyone knows what self-love is, not everyone is able to recognize and understand their own emotions, where they are coming from and what to do with them. Maybe because no one ever told them (especially when they were growing) how important it is, maybe they lack knowledge in this area or perhaps they just don’t have time for this.


I live in a richest country in the world. This country is full of young professionals (exactly like you) coming from all over the world to build their careers.


What kind of life do most of these people live?


Well, I worked in a worldwide corporation before coming and I did the same here. I am now working in a small company. I often meet new people and I talk to them. And everywhere I see/hear about a very sad reality.


I see young professionals working 50-70 hours per week, including weekends. I see them full of stress and anxiety. I hear about their health problems. I see them exhausted. I hear about their loneliness/relationship problems. I see them taking care of everyone else and often leaving their needs in the back. I meet young people who are struggling to find a healthy life balance. It’s obvious that there is no time and energy for self-analyses and self-care.


I see young, intelligent people with many exiting dreams and potential but spending their life in big offices, usually from dark till dark. And if I talk to them, they will tell me how disappointed they are about their life. If you ask them “why?”, they would say to you that they want a successful career, financial stability or travel the world. But if you ask them whether they feel happy…


Does this resonate with you?


Taking courses and seminars, reading a lot of books and articles about human behaviour and psychology, analyzing people and moreover, analyzing myself, I got the feeling – the majority of these young people don’t struggle with financial problems or any other kind of pressure to work so hard. Actually, it might be that most of them simply have low self-esteem and many insecurities. And for this reason, they just want to prove to themselves and the rest of the world that they are good enough, they are not worse than others and that they are in line with the fashion of these times “to be always busy”.


So, seeing amazing smart young people wasting their lives and feeling frustrated, unhappy, tired, and stressed, I felt I needed to do something. Coaching is an amazingly powerful tool which can help you to focus on your exciting presence and move forward with positive energy and attitude. 


Experience and competences


I am a Mental Health Psychology student at the University of Liverpool.

I am Learning & Development Manager in a mid-size company.

I am a trained personal coach. I completed Coaching Training (Luxembourg) to become a certified coach. I am coaching according to International Coaching Standards and Ethics. I am in the process of collecting 100 coaching hours to finalize the certification process. And you can be part of this journey.

I have 7+ years of experience in corporate life working in financial audit in a wild corporation. 

I am also sharing my personal experience – who else can understand you and support you better than someone who was in a similar situation? In addition to crazy working hours and no understanding of my needs and emotions, I was diagnosed with workplace burnout and depression. I went through 6 months of personal psychoanalysis, and I am on an amazing journey with my therapies.



I am not just a coach.


All experiences, life lessons and changes formed me as a person, who I am right now. And now, I am glad to share my knowledge with you.


The world nowadays is really dynamic, the pace is fast and everything is changing all the time. Considering this, I am living with a mindset that a person needs to keep learning all the time, be able to adapt fast, master more than one area and follow world tendencies.



My official Bio

  • Student of Mental Health Psychology at the University of Liverpool
  • Working in a mid-size company as a Learning and Development Manager


  • 1,5 years of working experience in a mid-size company in Luxembourg (Fund Accounting and Administration)
  • 2,5 years of working experience in the same worldwide corporation in Luxembourg (Financial Audit)
  • 3,5 years of working experience in a wild worldwide corporation in Vilnius (Financial Audit)
  • In 2015 I got my Master's degree (Finance, Paris)
  • In 2014 I got my Bachelor's degree (International Business, Vilnius)


  • Completed coaching course (according to ICF guidelines) and practice in progress to become a certified coach
  • 8 weeks Mindfulness-for-Life (Oxford Mindfulness Centre) 
  • Dozens of books and hundreds of articles (mental health, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, brain work, traumas, self-esteem and self-confidence, etc.)
  • Dozens of workshops, seminars and courses (Introduction to psychology, IG marketing, Starting your own business, etc.)

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Edita Bujauskaite, Luxembourg